With generations of Oyster Farming in our family we couldn’t be happier bringing our product from the Atlantic Ocean to fine dining establishments all across North America. We take great pride in our product and pride in our harvests – delivering quality Oysters from shore to table.

We have adopted much more from Boss Gibson than just his love for oysters – we have continued with his legacy by using the “Boss’s take”; selling only the most premium products to our customers. All of our Oysters are sorted and packaged by hand, ensuring that the best of the best are selected for our customers. We know The Boss would be proud!

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William “Boss” Gibson, a well-known merchant from the shores of Atlantic Canada, a local legend and a business pioneer and visionary in the small province of New Brunswick. Born at the end of the 19th century, he was a respected man in the community and, more importantly, respected in the pub. Boss had a firm belief in working hard and playing harder. Every Friday night, he sat on his favourite stool at his favourite pub where he became infamous for buying rounds for the entire bar and, without exception, carried a box of oysters in his left hand and his weathered shucking knife in his right. Legend has it, Boss would sit at the bar until the wee hours in the mornin’, and faithfully on his long walk home down the shoreline, he would leave a trail of shucked oyster shells leading to his front door. Every Saturday morning, neighbours would wake up and see the trail of oyster shells, and say to one another “Boss Gibson that oyster eatin’ bastard”.

We salute Boss Gibson and have chosen the world’s finest oysters from his hometown to bring to you the spirit of Boss Gibson — The oyster eatin’ bastard!

At Boss Gibson’s we pride ourselves in growing a harvest that others could only dream of.

Be like the Boss and order Boss Gibson Oysters to your door! We are proud to offer the freshest oysters to you – from ocean to table. Become an Oyster Eatin’ Bastard with your own crate of 100 oysters.

Your crate of oysters will be delivered directly to you – each crate is self-contained and chilled. Once you’ve received your own crate the Oysters are good for up to 6 weeks in regular refrigerated conditions. Do not freeze or leave in direct sunlight.

Please allow 2-6 business days for delivery.

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Our first lease is where it all began, and we couldn’t be more proud of its growth. The Cocagne Bay farm in New Brunswick – Canada, allows us to grow our Oysters in the cold and nutrient rich waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Our oysters are cultured for three to five years and positioned to float just below the surface, ensuring that the tides of the frigid Northumberland Straight keep the shells clean and perfectly shaped. Our culturing methods also provide a perfect balance of oxygen and nutrients to the oysters during development – allowing us to obtain that signature Boss Gibson Oyster flavor. Optimal and sustainable farming practices allow us to bring a unique merroir to our oysters that are not found anywhere else in the world.

Boss Gibson oysters are also available year-round, as we produce and harvest oysters through the freezing cold months of the North Eastern Canadian winters. Now thats fresh.

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Looking to find out what all the Boss Gibson hype is about? You can find our oysters at fine dining establishments across North America! If you really want to get your hands on the best damn oysters on earth, get in contact with us below and we’ll fulfill any order you require – locally delivered, but shipped globally!

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