If you don’t like Oysters, it’s because you haven’t tried mine.

Boss Gibson


With generations of Oyster Farming in our family we couldn’t be happier bringing our product from the Atlantic Ocean to fine dining establishments all across North America. We take great pride in our product and pride in our harvests – delivering quality Oysters from shore to table.

We have adopted much more from Boss Gibson than just his love for oysters – we have continued with his legacy by using the “Boss’s take”; selling only the most premium products to our customers. All of our Oysters are sorted and packaged by hand, ensuring that the best of the best are selected for our customers. We know The Boss would be proud.

The William “Boss” Gibson Story

William “Boss” Gibson, a well-known merchant from the shores of Atlantic Canada, a local legend and a business pioneer and visionary in the small province of New Brunswick. Born at the end of the 19th century, he was a respected man in the community and, more importantly, respected in the pub. Boss had a firm belief in working hard and playing harder. Every Friday night, he sat on his favourite stool at his favourite pub where he became infamous for buying rounds for the entire bar and, without exception, carried a box of oysters in his left hand and his weathered shucking knife in his right. Legend has it, Boss would sit at the bar until the wee hours in the mornin’, and faithfully on his long walk home down the shoreline, he would leave a trail of shucked oyster shells leading to his front door. Every Saturday morning, neighbours would wake up and see the trail of oyster shells, and say to one another “Boss Gibson that oyster eatin’ bastard”.

We salute Boss Gibson and have chosen the world’s finest oysters from his hometown to bring to you the spirit of Boss Gibson — The oyster eatin’ bastard!

Cpt. Angus “Gus” Shelby

The Devils Bandit was thought to be an unsinkable retired racing schooner that would set out in the worst of storms to secure cargo between the coasts of New Brunswick and Boston. Her captain Angus “Gus” Shelby was known for navigating these treacherous waters. The night the Devil’s Bandit went down, she was carrying a load of oysters in her haul. The offspring of these forgotten oysters are now carefully top water cultivated close to the sunken wreck for customers around the world.

On the Farm

Our oysters are cultured for three to seven years and positioned to float just below the surface, ensuring that the tides of the frigid Northumberland Straight keep the shells clean and perfectly shaped. Our culturing methods provide a perfect balance of oxygen and nutrients to the oysters during development – allowing us to obtain that signature Boss Gibson Oyster flavor. Optimal and sustainable farming practices allow us to bring a unique merroir to our oysters that are not found anywhere else in the world.

We use sustainable packaging that supports local businesses in rural New Brunswick. We use hand crafted wooden boxes, built and branded by hand.

Boss Gibson oysters are also available year-round, as we produce and harvest oysters through the freezing cold months of the North Eastern Canadian winters. Now that’s fresh.

Boss Gibson Oysters

Boss Gibson oysters are a premium boutique oyster that come from the cold waters of, New Brunswick. We ship all of our oysters in a premium hand built wooden crate, and hand branded with our wood burner. A premium product through and through. Our oysters are all top harvested and are farmed in floating trays giving the beautiful consistent tear drop shape and have a deep cup, making the oysters perfect for the restaurants.

The Boss’s oysters are plump with a firm texture and a salty brine which gives a clean, crisp refreshing taste. Medium Brine, Honey and Miso notes with a full umami finish.

Size: 2.5-3 inches Age: 3-5 years

Devil’s Bandit Oysters

The Devils Bandit oysters are a premium boutique oyster that comes from the same waters as our beautiful Boss Gibson oysters. These oysters are carefully grown and crafted in the cold waters of New Brunswick east coast that take 5-7 years to grow. They are a premium oyster that is top harvested and are farmed in floating trays. They are the perfect shape oyster with very deep cups, making the oysters the perfect for restaurants. These oysters are packed in hand built wooden boxes and are hand branded with our logo.


Size: 3-3.5 inches Age: 5-7 years

Year-round Harvest

We aren’t scared of the cold New Brunswick winters, we harvest twice a week through the ice to get our oysters out of the water and to your table. The process is cold, real cold and frankly somewhat dangerous. During the peek ice accumulation, we cut through 2 feet of ice and stand up against bone chilling winds to pull cages. A commitment to quality and freshness.